The Effects of REDD+ on Forest People in Africa: Access, Distribution, and Participation in Governance



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This paper explores the documented and expected effects of REDD+ activities on forest people in Africa, focusing on access and distribution of REDD+ and forest resources and particpation in REDD+ governance. We argue that although many of the formidable challenges that face effective forest governance in Africa generally will also be challenging in REDD+, REDD+ is potentially equipped to improve on outcomes for forest people over other forest management initiatives, largely because of its scale and internationally agreed upon safe-guards. To succeed in realising this potential, REDD+ must translate potential and intention into action and reality by mobilising the resources necessary to drive the forest governance reforms that will be the foundation for REDD+ success in Africa. This will mean, in part, learning from other forest management activities, and developing rigorous indicators and research procedures for monitoring REDD+ effects. 


Anderson, E.
Zerriff, H.