REDD+ standards in a fragmented market: What opportunities exist for REDD+ financing?



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18 NOV 2013 - 11:00AM - 12:00PM


IETA Side Event Room, Level 2 / B02, East Side (Plenary Room Level), The National Stadium (official COP19 venue), Warsaw

Many REDD+ standards and methodologies are being created in parallel processes often with limited coordination between standard setters and standard users. A result is the creation of multiple sets of standards required in various venues. However, to what extent does a diverse landscape of standards add complexity and deter investment, and could convergence on such standards and methodologies create a more efficient, fungible marketplace for REDD+ credits? This panel discussion will debate these issues, explore the interactions between existing standards and discuss what opportunities or challenges may be created in response to the emerging demand sources for REDD+, such as the need for jurisdictional REDD+ in light of the Carbon Fund’s potential new Methodological Framework.

Opening remarks by Louisa Denier, Project Manager The REDD desk, Global Canopy Programme

Moderated by Charlotte Streck, Director, Climate Focus

David Antonioli, CEO, Verified Carbon Standard
Leslie Durschinger, Managing Director, Terra Global Capital
Kate Dillon Levin, Corporate Engagement & Membership Development, Code REDD

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