Forest Carbon, Markets and Communities Program



The Forest Carbon, Markets and Communities prorgamme (FCMC) is a global project funded by the United states Agency for International Development, and implemented by Tetra Tech along with a coalition of partners, including Conservation International, Terra Global Capital, Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, World Resources Institute and Landesa. 

FCMC's core mission is to build technical capacity by developing tools and training that support contributions made by the US Government to the international architecture for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+). At the mission level, FCMC aims to contribute to REDD+ readiness by enabling countries to access "pay-for-performance" finance and by identifying sustainable development options that represent "no-regrets" investments in climate change mitigation and adaption.

Services provided by the FCMC team include analysis, evaluation, tools and guidance for programme design support, training materials, meeting and workshop facilitation at local and national levels. FCMC is based in Washington, DC with regional short-term or technical assistance in Latin America, Africa and Asia.