Assessment of Existing Fund Mechanisms under Cambodian Law for a National REDD+ Fund



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The purpose of this Report on the Assessment of Existing Fund Mechanisms under Cambodia Law (the Report) is to support the first step in a process for establishing a National REDD+ Fund for Cambodia. With recent progress made on REDD+ under the UNFCCC, and the progression of Cambodia’s own REDD+ ‘readiness’ activities, it is timely for Cambodia to consider potential options for a REDD+ Fund at the national level. A REDD+ Fund is designed to enable accessto, and act as a single focal point or entity, for receiving international and domestic funding for REDD+ activitiesfrom a range ofsources, and to act as a mechanism for the distribution and sharing of benefits amongst relevant stakeholders. As such, it will be a key institutional component for Cambodia to progressto national REDD+ implementation. The main objective of the Report is to review and assess existing fund mechanisms and opportunities under Cambodian law, to identify possible avenues for establishing a National REDD+ Fund in Cambodia. The review incorporates both a national level legal analysis, and a review of the international context, as well as international experiences related to National REDD+ funding mechanisms. Based upon this review and assessment, the Report provides recommendations for a possible avenue and approach for a REDD+ fund in Cambodia, taking into account the range of domestic and international influences.  


Duggin, G.