REDD+ and Gender Policy Brief 2: What Strategic Directions are Needed to Strengthen Gender Equality in REDD+ in Asia-Pacific?



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This policy brief summarises the key lessons that emerged from the Asia-Pacific workshop within the context of recent progress, the remaining challenges for better addressing gender equality in REDD+ in the region and strategic directions for improvement.

Key Messages:

  • The Asia-Pacific region has made remarkable progress towards addressing gender equality in REDD+ in recent years. Nonetheless, several challenges persist, requiring better synergies, adequate investments and dedicated persistence.
  • The region should learn from its stock of lessons learned from women’s inclusion in sustainable landuse management and promote those in the context of REDD+.
  • It is time to develop a coherent long-term regional vision and strategy in the Asia-Pacific region, which can further inform and support greater integration of gender perspectives and women’s inclusion in forestry and REDD+ programs at national and sub-national levels.
  • Addressing gender gaps in REDD+ requires integration of practical and strategic needs of women into REDD+ activities at the operational level of sub-national planning and broader sustainable development strategies.
  • Current initiatives to address gender gaps in REDD+ are largely limited to awareness raising and capacity-building, but lack in-built financial resources and expertise for implementation. Increased institutional responsiveness should be the key focus of gender integration efforts to promote enforcement in the region.
  • Evidence shows that a tailored capacity-building process that fosters south-south collaboration and exchange can promote mutual learning and replication in the region.


Giri, K.