"REDD realities" in "Carbon trading. How it works and why it fails"



The basic principle of REDD is not necessarily objectionable. In fact, the suggestion that industrialised countries should contribute fi nancially to policies and actions taken by developing countries to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation is very much in line with Article 4 of the Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC) and the concept of common but diff erentiated responsibilities. Reducing deforestation is a contribution developing countries can make towards global eff orts to mitigate climate change. As industrialised countries have a historical responsibility for climate change, it is reasonable that they should fully compensate the costs of such actions. So REDD could be a great opportunity to combine climate change mitigation, forest conservation and income provision for forest-dependent communities, if:.....


Lovera, Simone


Critical Currents: Contours of Climate Justice