Moving ahead with REDD: Issues, options and implications



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This book highlights the fact that countries differ widely in terms of their MRV infrastructure, institutional capacity to implement REDD policies and measures, drivers of deforestation and forest degradation, and so on. This heterogeneity needs to be reflected in the global REDD architecture. The mechanisms must be flexible enough to ensure broad country participation from the beginning. At the same time, they should also include incentives ‘to move on’, for example, to improve MRV and to graduate from a subnational (project) approach to a national approach. Flexibility is also needed for another reason: REDD is a large-scale experiment and we need to leave room for midcourse corrections as we learn what works and what does not.


Stella Martins, O
Skutsch, Margaret
Seymour, F
Peskett, Leo
Streck, Charlotte
Verchot, Louis
Wertz-Kanounniko, S
Wunder, Sven
Verweij, P
Murdiyarso, Daniel
Luttrell, C
Brown, Jessica
Brown, D
Atmadja, S
Dutschke, M
Guariguata, Manuel
Lubowski, R
Kanninen, M
Guizol, P
Angelsen, Arild


Angelsen, Arild