LEAF Gender Mainstreaming Strategy and Checklist



The LEAF (Lowering Emissions in Asia's Forests) website includes a variety of resources (by topic, type or country) and tools related to technical capacity building focused on REDD+, climate change mitigation, gender mainstreaming, and policy and market incentives for improved forest management and land-use planning in Asia. 

Development practitioners implementing climate change mitigation projects require better understanding about the tools that facilitate achieving development benefits to both women and men, while also reducing emissions. LEAF's Gender Mainstreaming and Strategy Checklist aims to address the existing paucity in the availability of relevant tools to facilitate the translation of gender principles into practice.

This document presents LEAF's gender integration strategy along with a checklist to implement and monitor gender issues in LEAF programming, however can also be used by other development practitioners implementing climate change mitigation projects, after adapting it to their specific objectives and workplans.

This strategy and checklist is meant primarily to serve as a guide for LEAF regional and country teams to improve gender mainstreaming into LEAF's interventions. It will be shared with LEAF's regional, national and sub-national teams and partner organizations to provide a basis for dialogue with stakeholders, including both women and men. This will be revised to reflect shifting priorities as the programme evolves.

Feedback on this tool is welcomed, please send your comments and/or suggestions to LEAF_info@leafasia.org 


Giri, Kalpana