Consolidating National REDD+ Accounting and Subnational Activities in Ghana



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Forest Trends engaged with Climate Focus to prepare an assessment of options for integrating subnational activities on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+)1Note that while this study is essentially focused on carbon market approaches (i.e. crediting and trading of emission reductions/removals) to stimulate subnational action, into the design of the national REDD+ architecture in Ghana in a way that is consistent with the emerging international REDD+ policy. This assessment forms part of a broader effort led by Forest Trends and the Nature Conservation Research Centre to strengthen national and project-level capacity for REDD+ in Ghana. The project has received generous support of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. This study provides an analysis of options for integrating (“nesting”) subnational into national REDD+ activities within Ghana’s emerging REDD+ policy. In line with Ghana’s proposal for developing a national REDD+ strategy as presented in its Readiness Plan Proposal (R-PP) in January 2010, we have looked at how the various REDD+ policies, programs and projects that Ghana is developing could work and interact with the emerging international REDD+ mechanism. In particular, this study discusses key requirements for making REDD+ carbon finance accessible at the subnational level and how subnational activities could then co-exist with the Ghanaian national REDD+ architecture currently being developed.