Market Analysis

The Market Analysis platform presents an overarching picture of markets for REDD+, from donor engagements, to the voluntary and compliance markets. Based on various reports on the market for REDD+ credits, the aim is to give a clearer picture of historic, current and future supply and demand for REDD+ credits until 2025. We provide users with the data and analysis to understand and interpret the possible directions that markets for REDD+ may take in the future. The information from these reports is presented in the form of user generated graphs, giving users the tool to create their own predictions.

See the three projections:

How are REDD+ markets going to change?

The market is expected to be chronically oversupplied unless REDD+ credit developers significantly scale back ambitions or ambitious levels of new demand is created.

How big is the gap between supply and demand?

The supply of emission reductions from REDD+ could be up to 16 times greater than the total potential demand for REDD+ emission reductions in the interim period.

How is the voluntary forest carbon market going to change?

What are the factors that are likely to positively or negatively impact voluntary offset demand, and how does this compare to projected supply and demand based on historic rates?


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