Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Strategic Environmental and So-cial Assessment (SESA) and Environmental Social Management Framework (ESMF) formulation for the REDD+ Process in Ethiopia



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Countries participating in Readiness activities with support from the FCPF are required to undertake a Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) to assess the potential impacts from national REDD+ programs and policies, formulate alternatives and develop mitigation strategies. The SESA is a tool that seeks to integrate social and environmental considerations into policy-making processes, leading to more sustainable REDD+ policies and programs. It supports the design of the national REDD+ policy framework, including the National REDD+ Strategy. This document, prepared by the REDD+ Secretariat of the Ministry of Agriculture, provides the terms of reference for the Ethiopian SESA process.


REDD+ Secretariat, Ministry of Agriculture, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia