REDD plus cookbook: how to measure and monitor forest carbon



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This Cookbook is an easy-to-understand technical manual which provides basic knowledge and technologies required for REDD+ with the main focus on the forest carbon monitoring methods. It comprises of four parts: Introduction, Planning, Technics, and References. "Introduction" is designed for the policy makers and their partner organizations working for the introduction of REDD+ at national / sub-national level, "Planning" is intended for the REDD+ implementing organizations / countries working on REDD+ at national / subnational level, and "Technical" for the experts who work on the REDD+ activities at national/sub-national level. On the other hand, "References" provides references of useful documents which assist users to have a better understanding of "Introduction" and "Planning". In order to have a better understanding of REDD+, a combination of "Introduction" and "Planning", or "Planning" and "Technical" are recommended.


REDD Research and Development Center
Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute