Mapping the potential for REDD+ to deliver biodiversity conservation in Viet Nam: a prelimiary analysis



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This report provides worked examples showing how multiple benefits can be incorporated into spatial planning for REDD+ at the national level in the specific case of Vietnam.The maps illustrating this summary report were selected from a series of over 40 maps produced by the study. The maps presented here are made available to national and international stakeholders for immediate use in planning for REDD+ demonstration activities at the sub-national level. It is hoped that the example maps presented here stimulate further analysis in support of Vietnam’s National REDD+ Action Programme.


Rebecca Mant, Steven Swan, Hoang Viet Anh, Vu Tan Phuong, Le Viet Thanh, Vo Thanh Son, Monika Bertzky, Corinna Ravilious, Julia Thorley, Kate Trumper and Lera Miles