The Little Book of Legal Frameworks for REDD+



As countries move from REDD+ Readiness (phase I) towards the implementation of policies and measures (phase II) and results-based payments for emissions reductions (phase III), the design of a clear framework of enabling policies, laws and institutions is essential. The development and reform of domestic legal frameworks for REDD+ is critical for the implementation of REDD+ strategies, for the successful development of REDD+ activities on the ground and for secure REDD+ investments. Legal frameworks are key in ensuring that national systems do not only deliver emission reductions but also protect from the social and environmental risks created by REDD+ whilst promoting the co-benefits that it can deliver. However, creating legal frameworks for REDD+ requires consideration of legislation across multiple sectors. This, and the often protracted reform process, makes legal preparedness for REDD+ a complex task. 
The Global Canopy Programme’s most recent addition to its Little Book series – The Little Book of Legal Frameworks for REDD+ – funded by UNEP, developed in collaboration with Climate Law and Policy and with support from the United Nations Office for REDD+ Coordination in Indonesia (UNORCID), highlights some of the steps that countries have taken through their legal framework to implement or prepare for the implementation of REDD+. It aims to support greater understanding of the design of domestic regulatory systems, which can create an enabling environment for REDD+. 


Denier, L.
Korwin, S.
Leggett, M.
Mac Farqhuar, C.