Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010 Country Report Kenya



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The Kenya report is mainly based on Kenya Forest Master plan (1994) projections owing to the fact that no comprehensive forest resource assessment has been done since then. Other forest resource assessments that were conducted later covered a few ecosystems and most of them do not have published reports.  The Kenya Forest Master Plan (KFMP) conducted national forest resource assessment between 1990 and 1994, through National Forest Plantation Inventory Project, Kenya Indigenous Forest Conservation (KIFCON) project, Department of Resource  Survey and Remote Sensing (DRSRS) and KFMP staff. The KFMP is a 25 years plan that had envisaged two scenarios. One was on a do northing – current status scenario where the projection was done on the basis that the current forest management at that time would continue for the next 25 years while the master plan scenario assumed the adoption of master plan recommendations. This report quotes figures reflecting the current scenario owing to the fact that most of the recommendations of the master plan were not implemented. These figures also provide same trend with recent studies.