Analysing REDD+. Challenges and choices



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This book follows two earlier REDD+ volumes from CIFOR, ‘Moving Ahead with REDD: Issues, options and implications’ (2008) and ‘Realising REDD+: National strategy and policy options’ (2009), and provides an analysis of actual REDD+ design and early implementation. It takes stock of national, subnational and local REDD+ experiences and identifies the challenges in designing and implementing effective, efficient and equitable REDD+ policies and projects. Policy choices to overcome obstacles in scaling up REDD+ are also elaborated. Part 1 includes four chapters analyzing REDD+; Part 2 focuses on implementation, including, among others, chapters on politics and power in national REDD+ policy processes, financing REDD+, benefit-sharing, and tenure; and Part 3 focuses on measuring REDD+ performance, including safeguards.


Angelsen, Arild
Brockhaus, M.
Sunderlin, William
Verchot, Louis