Reforestation of pastures in Sociedad Agrícola de Interés Social 'José Carlos Mariátegui' - Joven Forestal Project



The main objective of this project is to establish 1,450 hectares of forest plantations to contribute to the protection of ecosystem services (soil conservation, water provision and carbon sequestration) and biodiversity in the area. Reforestation activities for carbon sequestration and the production of carbon credits are part of a broader project: the Joven Forestal Project, which additionally includes technical training, plantation establishment and the creation of carbon credits. 

The project is being implemented by three partner organisations: the non-government organisation ADEFOR, the agricultural cooperative SAIS JCM (Sociedad Agrícola de Interés Social José Carlos Mariátegui), and A2G Carbon Partners, which is a company specialising in carbon markets. 

ADEFOR is responsible for the establishment of forest plantations using three exotic species of genus Pinus: Pinus radiata, Pinus patula and Pinus pseudostrobus.  it will be achieved with carbon credits, improve conservation soils and water regimes, to help improve environmental conditions and protection of biodiversity. The area of focus is the property of SAIS JCM, who allocate 'business areas' to the project, which means that land allocated to reforestation activities is not individually owned and are not subject to other use such as agriculture or grazing. 

The project has been validated by the Colombian Institute for Technical Standards and Certification (ICONTEC) according to the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). 

In early 2011, AFP Integra Sura Group offset 1945 tons of CO2e by purchasing carbon credits generated from this project. San Martin de Porres University and the Municipality of Magdalena have also offset emissions through this project.

Land tenure arrangements and carbon rights

The project area is owned by SAIS JCM, who are legally entitled to the land as a beneficiary of the 1970 Law on Agrarian Reform and Rural Settlement No. 17 716. SAIS JCM have allocated 'business areas' to be reforested as part of the project. Business areas are not subject to individual ownership or use.