Reforestation of pastures in Campo Verde with native species, Pucallpa, Peru



This project is an Afforestation, Reforestation and Revegetation (ARR) project involving the reforestation of 919.3 hectares of degraded pasture, deforested since the 1960s, and is being implemented in the Department of Ucayali in the Peruvian Amazon. The project involves reforesting these degraded lands with commerical native timber species. The project is being implemented by the Association for Research and Integral Development (AIDER), Sustainable Forest Management-Bosques Amazónicos (SFM-BAM) (an entity under Bosques Amazónicos, created specifically for this project), and Sustainable Forest Management Ltd (SFM Ltd.) (an international company). 

This project has been validated according to the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Climate, Community and Biodiversity (CCB) Standard (CCB Standards First Edition Gold Level). The project issued its first verified emissions reductions (Verified Carbon Units; VCUs under VCS) in July 2012. 

The project was awarded the 2010 National Renewable Natural Resources Eco-Efficiency Business Award by Peru's Ministry for the Environment and Universidad Científica del Sur. 

Stakeholder engagement and participation

No communities live within the boundaries of the project. However, a number of communities will have members employed by the project both in the short and long-term. There are 7 small villages, including 1 native community, along the road from Campo Verde to Tournavista that reaches the border between Ucayali and Huánuco Regions. These communities are linked with the project in that most of the families living there work for the project, directly or indirectly.