REDD+ in the Conservation Concession Alto Huayabamba



The Alto Huayabamba Conservation Concession (CCAH) covers an area of 143,928 hectares at an altitude of 1800 to 4670m above sea level. The area has two ecosystems: the Paramos of the Central Cordillera and the Peruvian Yungas (mountain forests). The project itself covers 50,194 hectares of the forested part of the CCAH, which forms an important conservation corridor between Ecuador and Peru (the Abiseo-Condor-Kuntuki conservation corridor). The CCAH territory was granted to the Association of Amazonians for the Amazon (AMPA) in November, 2006. The following year, AMPA signed a contract for a conservation concession for a period of 40 years, which is renewable, and in 2008, the CCAH was officially titled to AMPA.  

The main objective of the REDD+ project is to conserve the mountain forests of the CCAH, whilst protecting their biodiversity and ecosystem services and without compromising the livelihoods of the rural local communities living in the area. 

The project has been designed according to the Climate, Community and Biodiversity (CCB) standard and is currently (as of June 2013) undergoing validation.