Patriotic Agenda 2025. 13 Pillars of a Sovereign and Dignified Bolivia

Agenda Patriótica 2025. 13 Pilares de una Bolivia Soberana y Digna
Patriotic Agenda 2013


In 2013, President Evo Morales read out the Patriotic Agenda 2025 in Congress. The Patriotic Agenda contains development goals in 13 categories for the country to reach by 2025, setting out key challenges and achievements for each. They are:

1. Eradication of extreme poverty.
2. Universal basic services for Living Well.
3. Health, education and sport to form complete human beings.
4. Technological and scientific endogenous sovereignty.
5. Community financial sovereignty without being servile to financial capital.
6. Diversified sovereign production and holistic development free from the dictates of capitalist markets. This sets out targets to triple the number of heads of livestock by 2025, to become an exporter of food and of hydroelectricity, to increase smallholder and community participation to 50% and for forests not to be seen as idle lands but rather areas of holistic production of food, biodiversity and medicine.
7. Natural resource sovereignty with nationalisation, industrialisation and trading in harmony and balance with mother nature. This goal is focused on industrialising Bolivia's nationalised natural resources and capturing more of the value chain; and on industrial-scale processing of food, forests and biodiversity.
8. Food sovereignty building knowledge on eating well and Living Well.
9. Environmental sovereignty with holistic development that respects the rights of Mother Earth. Goals here are to widen international recognition of the rights of Mother Earth, to defend and strengthen holistic community forest management as an alternative form of conservation to markets.
10. Complementary integration of Peoples and Sovereignty.
11. Sovereignty and transparency in public management governed by the principles of: don't steal, don't lie and don't be lazy.
12. Enjoyment and fulfilled happiness with our celebrations, music, rivers, forests, mountains, snow-capped peaks, clean air and with our dreams.
13. Regaining sovereignty over Bolivia's joy, happiness, prosperity and over Bolivia's ocean.