REDD+ projects 7
Other readiness initiatives 16
Forest cover High
Deforestation rate Low


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There are numerous national, sub-national and project level REDD+ activities both on-going and planned in Lao PDR.

Donor and NGO-supported activities include a number of large, national programmes involved in a range of REDD-readiness activities. The Forest Investment Programme (FIP) for example includes a project aimed at scaling up the sustainable management of the country’s forests in order to promote carbon sequestration and livelihood security: ‘Scaling-Up Participatory Sustainable Forest Management’. This project is a continuation and expansion of an earlier project, ‘Sustainable Forestry and Rural Development’, which was completed in 2012. Another national programme is the Climate Protection through Avoided Deforestation (CliPAD) programme, a result of a partnership between Lao PDR and Germany. CliPAD, also supported by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), has implemented several feasibility studies and demonstration activities at the subnational level in the national protected area system in Lao PDR, specifically in Nam Et Phou Louey and Nam Phui National Protected Areas. The project recently realigned its focus in Houaphan province from a project level approach at the Nam Et Phou Louey National Protected Area to a jurisdictional based programme according to the newly established VCS JNR (Verified Carbon standard Jurisdictional Nested REDD+) requirements. In Nam Phui NPA in Sayabouri province, CliPAD anticipates following a similar strategy, although official approval at the provincial level has yet to be granted. WWF is also implementing REDD+ demonstration activities in the Xe Sap National Protected Area, as part of the cross border Lao-Viet Nam CarBi project, and in the Xe Pian National Protected Area.

The Forest Sector Capacity Building Project (FSCAP) is being implemented with bilateral support from Japan to build overall capacity in the forestry sector and develop forestry policy in Lao PDR for the sustainable management of forest resources. FSCAP is also coordinating a variety of other projects aimed at increasing participation in sustainable forest management as well as improving technical capacity for monitoring the country’s forestry sector, such as the Forest Information Management (FIM) Programme, for which there will be a second phase, the Forest Preservation Programme (FPP) and the Participatory Land and Forest Management Project for Reducing Deforestation (PAREDD).

Several internationally-led regional programmes are involved in a range of REDD-readiness activities in Lao PDR. These include the Lowering Emissions in Asia’s Forests (LEAF) Programme, funded by USAID, which is building technical capacity within the country to promote meaningful emissions reductions in the land use and forestry sector as well as the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) ENRICH project. The ENRICH project is working in Viet Nam and Lao PDR to advance understanding of forest stock enhancement as part of REDD+ and to assess the feasibility of different incentives aimed at improving local community participation and benefits from REDD+. The I-REDD+ project, funded by the European Commission, is a similar regional project that is active in Lao PDR, Indonesia, Viet Nam and China. The project aims to advance understanding of different aspects of REDD+ so that implementation is based on the highest level of knowledge on both the technical components of REDD+ as well as the potential impacts on livelihoods.