Forest Carbon Partnership Facility Programme (Guyana)



Guyana is a pilot country under the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility. Guyana submitted their Readiness Plan Idea Note in February 2008. A partnership agreement was signed in August 2008, with the formulation grant signed in June 2010, for the initial amount of USD200,000. Guyana informally presented their Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP) in March 2009, which was assessed in June 2009. Subsequent revisions have taken place and a revised plan was submitted in April 2010.  Comments were received from a number of stakeholder groups on the April 2010 version of the R-PP; these included a detailed review by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The R-PP was subsequently revised, with the most recent version being the December 2012 version.

In November 2010 Guyana requested access to the formulation grant through the Inter-American Development Bank (Idb0 as a pilot in a multi-stakeholder delivery partner programme. This led to the cancellation of the original formulation grant in January 2011. The FCPF Readiness grant is in preparation. The IDB and the Government of Guyana are engaged in discussions on the way forward with the implementation of the R-PP, and on specific technical and structural aspects related to the results based framework, budget and the TOR’s for consultants that will support the R-PP implementation