REDD+ projects 0
Other readiness initiatives 23
Forest cover High
Deforestation rate Low


The Low Carbon Development Strategy  (LCDS) dominates the landscape of plans and policies relating to REDD+ in Guyana. It provides the framework for current and future participation in any REDD+ mechanism, along with the path that Guyana wishes to follow in transitioning to a low-carbon development economy. A national REDD+ Strategy will be produced as part of Guyana’s implementation of REDD+ readiness activities, while a REDD+ Governance Development Plan has been produced as part of the  Memorandum of Understanding  (MOU) with Norway. A Monitoring, Reporting and Verification System Roadmap has also been established that outlines the development of a national level MRV system over the period 2010-2012 and the implementation of the system post-2012.

The LCDS is super-imposed on to the forestry sector that follows overarching policies released in 2011, the National Forest Policy Statement, and the 2011 National Forest Plan. The introduction of the National Log Export Policy in 2009 clarified the log export regime.

A National Land Use Plan was completed in 2013 with a primary objective of providing a strategic framework to guide land development in Guyana. The plan is not prescriptive rather it suggests a number of options for particular areas that can guide decision-making and attract inward investment.