Vietnam REDD+ Capacity Building Services Assessment



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Building capacity for implementing REDD+ is a key component of REDD+ readiness processes that have been underway for over three years. Backed by substantive funding from a large number of organizations, government agencies, communities and individuals, a multitude of organizations are conducting awareness raising and training activities in all REDD+ nations. The massive increase in capacity building activities during a rather short period begs the question of whether the organizations providing such services have the competencies to provide REDD+ capacity building, and whether they are meeting country needs in getting ready for REDD+.

Surprisingly, little is known about the competencies of these ‘service providers’ which include government agencies, NGOs, community groups, academic institutions, think-tanks, consultancies, legal firms and media companies. To fill this knowledge gap, RECOFTC – The Center for People and Forests, with financial and advisory support from the Global UN-REDD Programme through the United Nations Environment Programme, assessed the strengths and weaknesses and identified the gaps in the capacity building services being provided against Viet Nam’s REDD+ readiness needs. This report provides results of the assessment and recommendations to inform the REDD+ capacity building process in Viet Nam.