Technical Training on Gender Integrated Planning in Climate Change/REDD+



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USAID-funded Lowering Emissions in Asia’s Forests (LEAF), in partnership with Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resources Management (WOCAN) and the Lao Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) conducted a technical training on 
“Gender Integrated Planning in Climate Change/REDD+” from September 9-13 in Attapeu, Lao PDR. It brought together 26 participants from national, provincial and district offices of MAF, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the National Division of Advancement of Women and the Lao Women’s Union (see Annex 1) to build awareness of gender issues in climate change including the mechanism called Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) and experiment with hands-on gender 
analysis for gender integrated planning. 

This training is part of a regional series of trainings on Gender Integrated Planning that provides state forestry agencies and women constituencies with guidelines and skills to develop gender equitable plans. The lessons from the trainings will be used to inform and adapt training materials that will be shared at the regional level. 

The training was facilitated by Dr. Barun Gurung from WOCAN and Dr. Kalpana Giri from LEAF, together with Ms. Sisomphet Souvanthalisith from CAW/MAF and Ms. Phanlany Khamphoui. The following is a narrative content of the five day workshop, preceded by the background 
to the course. 



Giri, K.
Khamphoui, P.