Technical Guidance Series: Emissions Factors for Deforestation



Filename: Module EF-D. Emissions Factors for Deforestation.pdf
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This module describes the steps necessary to create emission factors (EF) for deforestation using existing carbon stock data. The output of this module is one component of a national or subnational forest monitoring system for REDD+.

An EF  is an estimate of the change in carbon stocks  in all carbon pools impacted by the land use change.Emissions resulting from deforestation are usually expressed on the emissions per unit area of change, e.g., tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare (t CO2e ha-1).

The module is applicable for estimating gross and net emissions per unit of activity resulting directly from the conversion of forests to non-forest land classes.

This is part of LEAF's Technical Guidance Series for the Development of a National or Subnational Forest Monitoring System for REDD+.