Securing community land rights. Experiences and insights from working to secure hunter-gatherer and pastoralist land rights in Northern Tanzania



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In this publication two pioneering grassrootsorganisations from northern Tanzaniaexamine and present their experiences andinsights from their long-term work to securethe land rights of hunter-gatherer andpastoral communities. The case studies werepresented at a one-day learning event heldon 5th October 2012, when PastoralWomen’s Council (PWC) and UjamaaCommunity Resource Team (UCRT) joinedtogether to share and reflect on their workto secure land rights, to learn from eachother, and to identify ways to build on theirachievements moving forward.The case studies are preceded by a synopsisof the political economy of land rights inTanzania, providing background to helpcontextualize the studies. Following this is asummary outline of the case studies, andthen a synthesis of the lessons and key pointsraised during the one day learning event.