Rights and REDD in Amazonian Countries and Paraguay



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The Regional Workshop on Rights and REDD in Amazonian countries and Paraguay, organized by Rainforest Foundation Norway (RFN) and the Centro de Planificación y Estudios Sociales del Ecuador  (CEPLAES) was held in Quito, Ecuador on May 30th to June 2nd, 2011. It convened representatives of indigenous organizations and civil society from six countries of South America: Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay and Peru. Officials of the Ecuadorian government, representatives from the UN-REDD programme and the Coordinadora de Organizaciones Indígenas de la Cuenca Amazónica (Coordinating Body of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin) (COICA) also participated and contributed. 

This report tries to compile some of the key issues and discussions of the workshop. The hope is that it can be useful not only for the participants, but also for other actors who, in one way or another, are involved in the REDD process, such as indigenous peoples and other forest-dependent peoples, civil society organizations, academics, public servants and international bodies like the United Nations and multilateral development banks.  We believe that it is very important to take into account the opinions expressed in the workshop since they reflect the diversity of experiences in the region of some of those who will be most affected by REDD: the indigenous peoples of the forests.