REDD+ country profile: Colombia



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This paper provides an overview of Colombia's REDD+ activities. Colombia’s REDD+ Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP) identifies the main drivers of deforestation and degradation as being the extension of agricultural and livestock frontiers, illicit crops, settlements or displacement of populations, infrastructure, and mining, among others. All of these factors continue to threaten the integrity, resilience and expanse of Colombia’s remaining forests. This paper suggests that to reduce the current deforestation rate, the country-level REDD+ readiness efforts propose a multi-sectoral, inter-institutional approach to each set of drivers, the reduction of perverse incentives associated with deforestation and forest degradation, the increase of overall policy coherence between sectors, and a nested approach. The paper concludes by setting out the WWF's future aims to engage with, and support, Colombia's REDD+ activities. 


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