REDD+ and Other Sectors in East Africa: Opportunities for cross-sectoral implementation



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As REDD+ implementation will affect many actors, it is important that the government and the people own the process. Ownership, transparency, dissemination and implementation of activities by all relevant stakeholders will be key to the success of REDD+ programmes. Also, REDD+‘s proposed holistic approach where different sectors are actively involved in the implementation process will be important in the future. This analytical paper outlines the status of REDD+ processes, opportunities and challenges in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania and points out current and potential synergies between REDD+ and key economic sectors: agriculture and food security, energy for rural development and water resources management. The paper concludes with a general discussion on the cross-sectoral implementation of REDD+ at the East African Community level, and how REDD+ can better contribute to the 3 key sectors at the country and regional levels.


Richard, Kimbowa
Mwayafu, David
Kairu, Gerald