National Institutional Arrangements for REDD Case Study – Guyana (as of November 2009)



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International Financing for REDD - A Project of WWF US Policy ProgramThis is a report of the project “International Financing for REDD,” undertaken by WWF US Policy Program between July and December 2009, as part of WWF FC NI Program “Engaging Civil Society in REDD Programs.The focus of the “International Financing for REDD” project was: (a) To further UNFCCC parties’ understanding of the role and sequencing of public, private and market funding for REDD; and, (b) To discuss institutional and funding arrangements for REDD at international and national levelThe project worked by (a) engaging in the international REDD discussion in the run up to COP15; (b) producing or participating in the production of technical reviews, reports and proposals; (c) advising WWF network on these issues; and (d) collaborating with WWF country offices in the review of country level arrangements for REDD.This scoping exercise on the state of Guyana’s REDD arrangements as of late 2009, was prepared by Aditi Sen (consultant). The author is thankful for information, comments and suggestions received from Janice Bollers (WWF Guyana) and Pablo Gutman (WWF US). Please direct queries regarding the project to its director Pablo Gutman at and questions regarding WWF REDD work in Guyana to Janice Bollers


Sen, Aditit