Multicriteria Decision Aid to support Multilateral Environmental Agreements in assessing international forestry projects



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The three Rio Conventions—the United Nations Framework Convention onClimate Change, the Convention on Biological Diversity, and the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification—face the challenge to create synergies at differentlevels. The objective of this article is to describe how we have assessed synergies betweenthe Rio Conventions at the project level in the forest sector. Since the complexity of thedecision problem is high, we adopted the Multicriteria Decision Aid approach, which canprovide a broad insight into the decision problem and find a compromise solution to aproblem with multidimensional and conflicting criteria including social, economic andenvironmental features. The ELECTRE TRI model was used for assessing synergies at theproject level, and has been a useful tool to quantify the performance of afforestation andreforestation projects into three categories (synergistic, reasonably synergistic, and notsynergistic). For the first time, afforestation and reforestation projects have been assessedin a comprehensive way through decision criteria that reflect global and local interestsusing a non-compensatory multicriteria method.


Co´ndor, Rocı´o Da´nica
Scarelli, Antonino
Valentini, Riccardo


International Environmental Agreements