Malaysia Sustainable Community Forest Management in Sabah



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The UNDP and the Sabah Department of Forestry are cooperating on the Mangkuwagu Forest Reserve Project with the aim of bringing the problems encountered by forest communities to the fore and for them to be addressed in an integrated way as part of the state’s development agenda. The main objective is to help develop an enabling environment at the state and district levels to facilitate the implementation of community based forestry involving greater participation of local communities in the sustainable forestry programme. Furthermore, concentration on these groups is providing a demonstration project for the development of rural impoverished groups in other parts of Malaysia and elsewhere around the globe. This volume is the fifth in a series of periodic publications that report on UNDP Malaysia’s work in its energy and environment practice area. The large range of projectsbeing undertaken in this portfolio is designed to support Malaysia’s efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals 1 and 7, to eradicate poverty and ensure environmental sustainability.