Legal Preparedness for REDD+ in Vietnam



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This report on Legal Preparedness for REDD+ constitutes one of three Country Studies conducted in Mexico, Zambia and Vietnam to review existing laws and institutions relevant to REDD+ at the domestic level. It seeks to identify and analyze challenges and innovations for REDD+ implementation with the ultimate aim of drawing generic options and recommendations to support REDD+ countries in strengthening capacity. Laws and institutions not only prohibit or incentivize but they also provide an overall enabling framework that guides public and private sector activities toward desired ends. They can thus eliminate challenges to REDD+ activities, promote social and environmental co‐benefits as well as improve overall implementation by enabling positive steps toward new low emission pathways. This is particularly important for countries motivated to mitigate climate change by reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation without compromising the essential ecosystem services that forests provide to the economy and local livelihoods.