Learning Lessons to Promote Forest Certification and Control Illegal Logging in Indonesia



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Concern about illegal logging is widespread. Illegal logging has negative environmental impacts, results in the loss of forest products used by rural communities, creates conflicts, and causes significant losses of tax revenues that could otherwise be used for development activities. In Indonesia, the tax loss from illegal logging in 1998 was estimated at about US$1.5 billion (Palmer 2001), well above the annual public health expenditure of US$900 million and equal to the annual foreign aid budget.
The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) developed the Alliance to Promote Certification and Combat Illegal Logging (hereafter referred to as the Alliance) to respond to the concern about illegal logging. The alliance is a three-year initiative that aims to:
1. Strengthen market signals to expand certification and combat illegal logging
2. Increase supply of certified Indonesian wood products
3. Demonstrate practical solutions to achieve certification and differentiate legal and illegal supplies
4. Reduce financing and investment in companies engaged in destructive or illegal logging in Indonesia
5. Share lessons learned from the project.
The Alliance seeks to learn lessons from its ongoing work to inform and adapt its activities, as well as to inform other initiatives seeking to address similar problems. This report is part of this lessons learning process.


Tacconi, Luca
Obidzinski, Krystof
Agung, Ferdinandus