LEAF South and Southeast Asia REDD+ Atlas



The LEAF (Lowering Emissions in Asia's Forests) website includes a variety of resources (by topic, type or country) and tools related to technical capacity building focused on REDD+, climate change mitigation, gender mainstreaming, and policy and market incentives for improved forest management and land-use planning in Asia. 

The LEAF Atlas provides a standardized source of information for the larger South and Southeast Asia region by presenting a comprehensive collection of the most relevant, current and trusted datasets available to the public.  The atlas includes maps and tables of a range of data sets relevant to REDD+ including forest cover, biomass carbon stocks, and carbon emissions from deforestation.  In addition, data are provided for a series of associated land-based biophysical and socioeconomic factors that can be used to understand past patterns of land cover and land use change.  The Atlas is meant to serve as a resource to a range of stakeholders who are working with, or interested in, forestry, land use, and climate change in the region.