LEAF Estimating Carbon Emissions Factors from Selective Logging



The LEAF (Lowering Emissions in Asia's Forests) website includes a variety of resources (by topic, type or country) and tools related to technical capacity building focused on REDD+, climate change mitigation, gender mainstreaming, and policy and market incentives for improved forest management and land-use planning in Asia. 

This tool is part of the LEAF-produced Terrestrial Carbon Assessment Toolkit, which provides step-by-step requirements to estimate terrestrial carbon stocks and emission factors from various land cover types; critical for any climate change mitigation effort.  This toolkit provides the most up-to-date methods used to estimate carbon stocks and emissions, which will allow for a more seamless approach to regional database development, capacity building, and projected emission estimation. 

This tool is explicitly designed to be used by practitioners with a very wide range of technical capabilities.  It has been field-tested by Winrock International, which has also trained users for over 10 years to produce high quality field data with very little subjective decision-making requirements.  This limits training needs and allows people of diverse backgrounds to be active and productive participants in the carbon assessment process. 

This tool can be used in association with the LEAF Standard Operating Procedures for Terrestrial Carbon Measurement Manual.