A Journey to Sustainable Growth The Draft Climate-Compatible Development Plan of the Dominican Republic



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Resolute climate action is a key priority of the Dominican Republic (DR). Our nation on the island of Hispaniola is very vulnerable to the effects of climate change, such as coastal flooding worsened by rising sea levels and increasingly severe hurricanes. We view climate action as both a practical preventive effort for ourselves and as our moral responsibility as a nation in an increasingly interdependent world. At the same time, the economic and social development of our nation remains our highest priority. Building on our solid growth, we are committed to further improving the lives and livelihoods of our citizens by continuing our strong record of economic and social development, and by at least doubling gross domestic product (GDP) per capita by2030.

However, we recognize that unless we take decisive action, our economic growth will raise our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by about 40% in 2030, far exceeding recommended climate-compatible levels. To prevent this from happening, the DR has resolved to take on the dual challenge of climate-compatible development. Not only do we believe that development and climate action can go hand in hand, we are convinced that they actually reinforce each other when pursued in an integrated strategy. We therefore intend to more than double GDP by 2030 at the same time as cutting our emissions by half. To guide our work, we have prepared a Climate-Compatible Development Plan (CCDP).