Indigenous REDD+ Alternative - Indigenous Territories of Harmonious Life to Cool the Planet



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The REDD+ mechanism needs structural changes. As it is, it does not contribute to the decrease of emissions in the magnitude required; socio-environmental conflicts will increase while the climate crisis worsens. That is the reason why COICA is building an “Indigenous REDD+” mechanism based on alternative approaches, principles and strategies which mean “Indigenous Territories of Harmonious Life to cool the planet”. It is based on the integrity of ecosystemic services of forests and indigenous territories and not limited only to the concept of carbon and to the areas which are most threatened by deforestation. It proposes the prioritization of public funding tied to an effective reduction of greenhouse effect emissions and the avoidance of non-regulated or voluntary carbon credit markets. 

COICA presents this assessment and design document which will be adjusted according to the evolution of processes. The proposal covers five main topics: 1. the incoherence and conflicts of REDD+; 2 the global changes beyond REDD+ needed to solve the environmental crisis; 3. The alternatives of Indigenous REDD+ in the Amazon; 4. The building of alternative financial mechanisms; 5. A short-term Indigenous REDD+ agenda.