Forests, Climate and REDD. Pacific Heads of Forestry Meeting 2009



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The 2009 Heads of Forestry Meeting was held in Nadi, Fiji from the 21st until the 24th of September 2009. The objectives of the meeting were to review past and present implementation of activities under the strategic plans of the Land Resources Division of the South Pacific Commission; discuss and endorse new initiatives, and address important regional issues for tabling in the next HOAFS. The theme of the 2009 meeting was “Forests and Climate Change”. This is in recognition of the projected impacts of climate change on Pacific Island communities and natural resources. Forests and the forestry sector are vulnerable to climate change impacts (e.g. increasing intensity of extreme weather events such as drought and storms). Forests also have an important role to play in building and maintaining resilient landscapes capable of adapting to future climate change. 

The aim of the consultancy is to bring more awareness and understanding on the role forestry has to play in combating climate change and the international negotiations and discussions on this issue. This is to be achieved by helping the participants better understand their role in combating climate change and also assist them in identifying appropriate actions to effectively participate nationally, and as a region, in forestry‐related climate change initiatives and programmes. 

The reporting responsibilities in this consultancy include a report on the meeting outcomes pertaining to the REDD & Forest Carbon Trading components, and recommendations for future actions. 


Sean Weaver