FORECA Toolbox: Tools for Implementing REDD+ with a Mechanism of Direct Incentives



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The FORECA project, implemented between 2007 and 2011 in rural regions of Madagascar, developed methods for participatory identification of required REDD+ incentives at the level of deforestation and forest degradation actors. A framework was developed for integrating such direct and specific incentives as well as impacts of triggered activities into a national REDD+ monitoring and benefit distribution system. The toolbox presented here provides tools that allow translation of national REDD+ strategies into local REDD+ incentives and activities as well as to provide information from bottom up for national monitoring. Thus the toolbox facilitates the planning and implementing REDD+ at the operational level. The toolbox is addressed to persons and organizations seeking to translate a national REDD+ Strategy into concrete activities in the forest and forest surrounding areas. This can include governmental organizations, as well as stakeholders in the civil society and the private sector. The toolbox recognizes the regulatory function given to the State.