Feasibility assessment, project description and GHG emissions and removal budget for Penaoru and Petawata, Santo Island, Vanuatu



Filename: REDD+ Feasibility Assessment - SPC-GIZ Regional Climate Protection Project.pdf
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This concept note assesses the REDD+ emission reduction and removal potential in and around the Community Conservation Area (CCA), adjacent REDD+ sites and the coastal zone of both communities. Section 1 introduces the site. Section 2 assesses its potential in terms of eligible activities and available areas focusing particularly on the potential for enhancement of forest carbon stocks (EFCS). Section 3 estimates the GHG removal potential for three particular tree species (sandalwood, whitewood, and Canarium) the Government of Vanuatu encourages to use. Section 4 describes key elements of a national REDD+ Mechanism which have to be developed to capture the EFCS potential. Section 5 draws some conclusions how to proceed to develop such a mechanism in the context of Santo Island as the first subnational pilot.