The End of Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon



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Brazil has two major opportunities to end the clearing of its Amazon forests and to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions substantially. The first is its formal announcement within UN climate treaty negotiations in 2008 of an Amazon deforestation reduction target, which prompted Norway to commit $1 billion if it sustains progress. The second is a widespread marketplace transition within the beef and soy industries, the main drivers of deforestation, to exclude Amazon deforesters from their supply chain. According to our analysis, these recent developments finally make feasible the end of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, which could result in a 2 to 5% reduction in global carbon emissions.


Nepstad, D.
Soares, BS
Moutinho, P.
Cattaneo, Andrea
Rodrigues, HO
Schwartzman, S.
McGrath, David
Stickler, Claudia
Lubowski, R
Cabezas, P.
Stella Martins, O


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