Decision suport tool: Integrated REDD+ accounting frameworks: Nested national approaches



Filename: Decision suport tool- Integrated REDD+ accounting frameworks (Nested national approaches).pdf
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The Lowering Emissions in Asia's Forests Programme (LEAF) website includes a variety of resources and tools related to technical capacity building focused on REDD+, climate change mitigation, gender mainstreaming, and policy and market incentives for improved forest management and land-use planning in Asia.

This decision support tool provides overall guidance on establishing national-level REDD+ accounting frameworks within which nested or jurisdictional approaches are integrated.  The tool complements information provided in the LEAF Technical Guidance on Development of a REDD+ Reference Level (Walker et al. 2012) and the Winrock/FCPF Decision Support Tool for Developing Reference Levels for REDD+ (Harris et al. 2012) to form a ‘package’ aimed at guiding countries through the REDD+ readiness process.