Country Report: Vietnam - Payment for Environmental Services



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Vietnam belongs to the Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspot. It benefits from a diversity of ecosystems and species of which 8 per cent are endemic.1 Vietnam is also among the global centres for crops origination, with around 800 cultivated species.2 Forests cover almost 39.5 percent of its territory3 with an increasing growth rate of reforestation.

For the past ten years, Vietnam has been introducing and implementing a new environmental legal framework: the Law on Forest Protection and Development in 2004; the Law on Environmental Protection in 2005; and the Law on Biodiversity in 2008 (and associated decrees, decisions and circulars). The Law on Water Resources (1998) is currently under revision. The focus of this Country Report is on Decree No. 99/2010/ND-CP of 24 September 2010 on the Policy for Payment for Forest Environmental Services, adopted in 2010.


Guignier, Armelle
Rieu-Clarke, Alistair


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