Climate Change In Brazil: Economic, Social And Regulatory Aspects



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The main objective of this book is to provide a publication on the Brazilian policies to combat climate change. It offers a comprehensive view of discussions on this topic in Brazil with analytical texts written by 38 Brazilian specialists, representing 18 Brazilian institutions, many of whom have participated in the CoP negotiations and who are members of the IPCC.

It presents 19 chapters discussing national and international regulatory aspects through economic, institutional, sectoral and social perspectives. Part I of the book, Climate change in Brazil, deals with these topics in relation to the Brazilian context at both national and sub national policy levels, such as, the emissions profiles and the impacts of climate change on the Brazilian economy and society, including aspects of efficiency, equity, trade, income distribution and climate justice. Part II, Brazil and the International Climate Change Regime, discusses how Brazilian stakeholders perceive and participate in the Convention with focus on its latest achievements and on the main topics discussed at COP 15 and COP 16, such as the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol, REDD, financing and technology transfer.