CFA - National REDD+ Funding Frameworks and Achieving REDD+ Readiness - findings from consultation



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The Copenhagen Accord committed $4.5 billion of fast start funding during the 2010 – 2012 ‘Readiness’ phase of REDD+.

This new study, commissioned by the Conservation Finance Alliance (CFA) and PwC is the first detailed analysis of how REDD+ funding is currently, or could in the future be managed and disbursed within the intended recipient nations.

The study highlights the practical capacity and governance issues facing donor and recipient countries, in the roll out of Copenhagen’s ‘fast start’ funding and prospects for long term engagement with donors and private sector investors. It makes a series of recommendations for the steps needed to encourage REDD+ funding at scale to recipient countries.

Key findings from the study are:

- The distribution and deployment of the $4.5 billion fund has not yet reached the scale expected.

- Capacity building locally, in the processes, governance and skills needed to manage multi-million dollar donation commitments by the international community would continue in many key REDD+ states until 2012.

- Environmental Funds are in a unique position to engage with the private and public sector and manage donor funds and private sector investment, especially in geographic regions where high funding and investment risk is perceived.

- Local NGOs could be used to raise awareness amongst local communities of the existence and objectives of REDD+ and help negotiate REDD+ deals with external stakeholders.

- There has been small scale private sector funding into projects in the voluntary forest carbon market in anticipation of the development of compliance based forest carbon schemes.

The study has been prepared in order to add to the discussion and stimulate debate amongst policymakers, the private sector, NGOs and academic institutions at a national and international level.


Knight, Chris
Stephenson, Jim
Webb, Chris
Gunawardena, Lanchanie