Beyond reforestation: An Assessment of Vietnam’s REDD+ Readiness



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As the Government of Vietnam is showing great interest and commitment to REDD+, it is important to examine the country's 'readiness' based on the functions that need to be fulfilled. This paper reports on rapid REDD+ readiness assessment conducted through document-review, survey-questionnaires, in-depth interviews and round-table discussions with Vietnam's National REDD Network. It was found that Vietnam's reforestation experience does not foretell REDD+ readiness. Its readiness level as perceived by in-situ stakeholders only ranged from low to medium across all functions. For the country to move beyond its current state of REDD+ readiness, activities should focus on indicators where it is wake while strengthening those that are already advancing, and post-reforestation issues should be resolved. Failure to address them will mean an uphill implementation of REDD+. The paper concludes with specific recommendations for Vietnam to advance its REDD_ readiness that might be useful for other countries that share similar issues with Vietnam. 


Hoan, D.T.
Catacutan, D.