Analysis of Approaches for REDD+ Verification



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The first options assessment report in the series is, “Analysis of Approaches for REDD+ Verification.”  Drafts of this report were reviewed through online and in-person consultations intended to encourage an exchange of ideas on approaches to verification among diverse stakeholders. Similar to previous options assessment report processes that Meridian Institute has facilitated, the REDD+ verification report was intended to help inform the REDD+ discussions under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, in this case at COP-19 in Warsaw, Poland. This work is being funded by the U.S. Department of State to help advance thinking by stakeholders in support of the REDD+ negotiations.  However, the views expressed in the paper are solely those of the expert authors and are not in support of, nor reflecting, U.S. government positions. 


Charlotte Streck
Nancy Harris
Jeffery Hayward
Sandra Brown