National Plan for Good Living

Plan Nacional del Buen Vivir


The National Plan for Good Living (2009-2013) proposes changes for the construction of an Ecuadorian State that recognizes the rights and differences of many cultures and to achieve Good Living for all Ecuadorians. The National Plan aims to reduce deforestation by 30% by 2030. The twelve objectives of the National Plan for Good Living are:

  1. Promote equality and social integration to recognize the value of cultural diversity;
  2. Improve capabilities and options for all citizens;
  3. Improve the quality of life;
  4. Guarantee the rights of nature and promote a healthy and sustainable environment;
  5. Guarantee sovereignty and peace,  promote strategic relationships throughout the world and Latin American integration;
  6. Guarantee stable, fair and dignified work opportunities;
  7. Build and strengthen public and multi-cultural opportunities for discussion;
  8. Declare and strengthen the national identity that includes the diverse identities of a multi-cultural nation;
  9. Guarantee the compliance of human rights and legal justice;
  10. Guarantee access to public and political participation;
  11. Establish a socioeconomic system that provides solidarity and is sustainable;
  12. Build a democratic State for Well-Being.